Why you should add your event?

- It is completely FREE

- Your event will have an awesome page with all information about it.

- It will be seen by thousands of website visitors.

- Visitors can register your event online, and pay to your bank account.

- You will be able to use our professional registration system for online and onsite participants, this will add professionally to your event, save you money and time, and give you control on payments.

FREE Registration tools:

- Monitor registration, and download the list.

- Update payment status of paid registrations (you need to add cashier).

- Receive cash payments onsite using our Cashiers system.

- Monitor Cashiers and payments from your main panel.

- Print participant’s badges using our badge system, which can be used as self print by participants.

- Check-in participants by using our badge scanning system.

Payment options:

You can choose to receive payments from your participants using some or all of the following payment options:

- Bank transfer. The customer will transfer the registration fee to the event owner bank account, the bank details will be displayed to customer at checkout and will be sent to him/her by email.

- Credit card or debit card. The customer will pay registration fee online to Calendar tickets account, a 9% commission will be deducted from the fees paid by this method, the remaining amount will be paid to the event owner after the end of the event.

- Cash onsite. The customer will register and choose to pay cash at the event, where the onsite cashiers will receive the cash and update the payment status of this registration.


How to add an event?

1. Click “add event” and fill the information, attach an image and save.
2. Click “add ticket” fill the information and save, you can add multiple tickets for an event.
3. Click “settings” and add your bank account details, where event fees will be paid.
4. To add Cashiers, badge print, and badge scan, click on “Setup services”.
5- To monitor registration and download the list, click on “Registrations”.

Note: if you want to display your event in the website without registration, do not do steps 2 and 3.